chc2 PoP (Vetta CH01)

Maintenance - chc2 B power feed upgrades - 21/09


This maintenance task has now been successfully completed.

Maintenance Planned

During the period of 12pm-5pm on 21st September, we will be conducting maintenance at our chc2/Vetta DC CH01 facility as part of a power infrastructure plan.
In this maintenance, we will be completing stage 1 of 2 of planned maintenance on the B power feed within the facility to increase backup power protection.
While we do not expect an impact, due to the nature of the work being completed, there is a possibility of the B power feed being lost for a period during the maintenance window. This will only impact customers with equipment solely connected to the B power feed within their rack/footprint.
The A power feed will not be touched during this maintenance. We also request customers please avoid performing any planned onsite works during this period.