Incident - Interrupted Connectivity - 28/04


Network has remained stable while under observation and is resolved.
Again, we apologise for the inconvenience caused this morning.
If you are still without connectivity, please turn off your router for 2-3 minutes before powering back on, before contacting our team.


Network stability has now significantly improved. If you are continuing to be without connectivity, please attempt turning off your router for 2-3 minutes before powering back on.
Our team are continuing to monitor the network closely to ensure and verify full resolution.
We apologise for the interruption to connectivity and inconvenience caused as a result of this incident. Our team have completed a preliminary assessment of the cause of this incident and how to prevent in future, however a full analysis will be completed.

Problem identifiziert

Connectivity is continuing to be restored across the network.
Engineers are continuing to work through full resolution at the highest priority. We apologise for this interruption to connectivity.

Problem identifiziert

Engineers are continuing to work through resolving this issue.
Initial indications are showing a large attack underway on the network which automated systems are working through mitigating.
Alongside this, engineers are monitoring route propagation statuses for network to return to normal functionality.
We apologise for the inconvenience caused, this is being worked on as a top priority.


Customers may be experiencing an interruption to connectivity.
Our team are investigating as a top priority. Updates to follow.

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