Domain Names

Vendor Maintenance - InternetNZ .nz registry replacement - 01/11


InternetNZ has completed migration of the .nz domain name registry to the new IRS system, we have completed internal testing and tweaks, and all domain orders (registrations/transfers/renewals) have been processed.
All domain name services have been returned to normal service. Thank you for your patience.
If you encounter any issues managing domain names, please get in touch with our support team.


InternetNZ has confirmed their migration to the new IRS registry system has been completed.
Our team are conducting tests, changes and minor tweaks to ensure full functionality with the new registry system before closing off this maintenance.
Pending orders will be processed once this is completed. Thank you for your patience.

Maintenance Planned

During this maintenance window, InternetNZ will be migrating to their new .nz registry system, which involves removing access to the current SRS system while the migration is in progress, before enabling the new IRS system.
This will mean that while InternetNZ complete the migration, we will be unable to process any domain registrations, transfers, or renewals for domains in the .nz registry (including,,, etc).
Similarly, this also means customers will be unable to update domain contact information, nameservers, or DNSSEC keys during this maintenance.
InternetNZ’s works will begin at 7:30am 1st November, with a checkpoint at 12:00pm to confirm whether the maintenance will be extended.
This maintenance will impact domain transactions for all .nz registrars. Further details of this maintenance will be available on InternetNZ’s status page,, at the time of the maintenance being undertaken.
We will continue to keep customers updated through this status page incident with any new information available while these works are taking place.