Maintenance - Inter-island path reinstatement - 13/10 12AM


Maintenance has been completed successfully.
If you are without connectivity, please first attempt to turn off, wait 3 minutes, then turn on your router before contacting support.

Maintenance Planned

This maintenance is required to reinstate our primary inter-island transport after a fault was discovered and the path taken out of service. This path has now been repaired and is ready to be re-implemented into the network.
During this maintenance, customers with connections based in the South Island may experience a brief degradation in service while configuration changes are made to implement the path, and traffic moved to this new path. For customers who don’t have connections terminating in the South Island, a small outage is possible however less likely.
As this maintenance relates to resolving an ongoing fault, standard lead times do not apply.
Our team will provide any required updates via our status page, and advise once service has been restored to a normal state.

3 Affected Services: