Incident - Interrupted Connectivity - 19/09


Network has continued to remain stable over the last 3-4 hours and engineers do believe the root cause has been isolated.
Further investigations are underway including a root cause analysis to prevent against this occurrence in the future.
We apologise for the inconvenience caused to customers this Monday morning. For impacted customers who with to receive a post-incident report/RFO, please email our support team to request to receive this report once available.


Network now appears fully stable. If you are continuing to see impact to your services, please get in touch so that we can diagnose.
Engineers are continuing to monitor and verify stability.


A further issue with our primary recursive DNS server was detected, preventing resolution for some customers using our primary DNS server. This has since been resolved and engineers continue to complete restoration. Secondary DNS server was unaffected.


Services are continuing to be progressively restored. Engineers are continuing to monitor service restoration.


Network element re-entered a serviceable state and services are progressively being restored. Engineers are monitoring closely.


Network element has failed to reboot. Datacentre engineers have been engaged and are on-site.
Next update on status page.


We have identified the cause of the issue relating to a core network element in our akl2 facility. A reboot on this network element will shortly be performed which will cause a brief loss of service for customers traversing this element.


We are investigating reports and alerts of interruptions to connectivity to some destinations.
Engineers have been engaged and we are investigating as a top priority.

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