Incident - Interrupted Connectivity - 06/07


During 9:24PM-9:32PM this evening (06/07), some customers may have experienced data congestion or loss to some or all elements of connectivity, depending on their exact service delivery.
Our network team were engaged immediately and identified a network element in a degraded state which was isolated and subsequent service restored.
Further investigations of this network element has identified an role running on this element to have at least contributed to service disruption. Plans were already been in place to move this role on these network elements to dedicated hardware at all core network sites which has already begun being deployed at our core network locations around the country. We will now prioritise this element in particular as the next deployment.
Services have remained under observation since impact end at 9:32PM and connectivity has progressively restored for all customers.
We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this disruption. If you are experiencing a loss of connectivity, please perform a restart of your router before contacting support.
(This issue was opened retrospectively)

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