Emergency Maintenance - akl1 Core 09/10


Maintenance has been completed, and the previously affected core network element in our akl1 (Datacentre220) facility is now working normally.

Maintenance Planned

Our proactive monitoring has observed some non-optimal behavior of traffic visibility across the management plane of a core network element in our akl1 (Datacentre220) facility.
As a preventative measure, we will be conducting emergency maintenance overnight tonight, at 4:00am 9th October to rectify the issue and restore this to normal service.
Multiple options to resolve this fault have been prepared. Depending on which resolution is required, there may be no impact, a brief 5-10 minute impact, or up to a 30 minute impact.
This maintenance will affect services terminating to our akl1 facility, as well as some services which traverse this network element.

13 Affected Services: