Port-based & select L2 circuit BNG maintenance


After further review and adjustments by our networks team, this maintenance is no longer required and has been cancelled.

Manutenção Programada

During this maintenance window, we will be performing a kernel-level change to three of our BNGs which are connecting UFB & DSL customer circuits in order to avoid a potential performance issue on these network elements in the future.
Within the window below, there will a brief outage of up to 10 minutes, and PPPoE requiring to re-establish from the CPE device.
This affects all circuits which are authenticating to Vetta Online using port-based authentication, as well as some Layer-2 wholesale circuits setup within the last 6 weeks.
If you are unsure if you will be affected and would like to confirm, please contact our support team to verify.

3 Serviços afetados: