Hamilton Site Outage - 27/08


Degraded primary path issue has been resolved and restored into service.


Our primary L1 path provider has confirmed a fibre cut event, which unfortunately did not hard-down the interface and caused instability.
All traffic has been moved to alternate transport and services have been restored.
Our team has been monitoring for the last ~20 minutes to confirm stability. NetOps will continue to monitor the link and return to primary transport once fibre cut has resolved.
At this point, if you are still offline as a result of this incident, please reboot your router, then contact our support team if not connected.

Problem Identified

Our network team has confirmed at minimum one fibre break causing a degraded link.
This link is being decommissioned and traffic is being engineered to traverse an alternate link.
Next update on status change.


We are seeing some services delivered to customers in the Hamilton vicinity experience a loss of service.
Our team are investigating at the highest priority and updates will follow here.

3 Affected Services: