Spark Domestic Increased Latency - 16/11


Fibre repairs have been completed on the affected fibres impacting our Spark private interconnect, and this service is now operational.

Problem Identified

Field excavation work is underway since midnight and the damaged cable has been pulled out.
The actual damage to the ducting and cables is approximately 10m long which is substantially larger than previously understood. Jointers are currently jointing the new cable feeding from the Mangere exchange through to one of the manholes. Once the excavation and duct repairs are complete they will then be able to pull through the cable and begin jointing the other side. The other side of the fault location where a blockage is preventing the damaged cable from being pulled out is still being investigated.

Problem Identified

Field work to diagnose the location of this fault has been completed.
There is extensive damage that has been caused to up to 3 fibre cables and Technicians are currently in the process of preparing the site for excavation. Due to the location of the fault traffic management is required and are currently in the process of creating a traffic management plan. Once this is done excavations will commence.
Excavation works are estimated to begin at midnight to expose and repair the affected fibres.


Our private interconnect with Spark for domestic routes is currently down due to a fibre cut between Glenfield and Mt Albert.
This fibre cut is under action with Chorus GNOC and field force has been dispatched to identify and resolve the fibre cut. While this service is down, a less preferable path to Spark will be taken which may result in an increase of latency.

5 Affected Services: