RBI Internet

North Island RBI Outages 07/05


The temp patch at Matamata is now complete giving us network diversity again.
Given diversity is now back in place, we are marking this issue as resolved as we do not expect any further service interruptions.
If you are still without service, please try turning off your RBI router for at least 5 minutes before powering back on again. If after completing this you still aren’t able to obtain internet access, please get in touch with our support team.


Vodafone Update:
“The fibre cut between Waipukurau and Napier has just been restored and services are recovering, This will restore all services but we will still be in jeopardy until the Matamata cut is repaired.
We will have a temp patch on the Matamata cut within the next 2 hours and a full repair done in the next 10 hours.”
If you still are without service, please power off your RBI router for at least 5 minutes, then power on again.

Problem Identified

Vodafone Update:
“ETR for fibre cut between Waipukurau and Napier is hopefully within the next hour.”


Vodafone Update:
“At 6.36am we had a fibre cut between Waipukurau and Napier which put services into a jeopardy situation.
At 8:56am we had a second fibre cut in the Matamata area resulting in the loss of service to 200 cells from South of Matamata to South of Gisborne.
Downer are on site of the first fibre cut but at this stage we do not have an ETR.
We are investigating if we can re-patch services out of Hamilton to restore some sites.”

Problem Identified

Vodafone Update: A fibre cable has been cut by third party contractors undertaking roadworks near Matamata, which is causing significant network issues in the Central North Island. Our tech teams are working urgently to fix this. Apologies for any inconvenience


We are aware of an issue affecting RBI services across multiple cell sites in the North Island.
Vodafone, who operate these cell sites are working on resolution as a top priority.
We will continue to update this with any updates received.