Urgent Maintenance - Core device upgrades 14/04


We’re pleased to advise this maintenance is now completed.
We apologise for the longer than expected outages impacting some customers during this maintenance - we encountered numerous issues along the way which reinforced our decision this maintenance was required to be completed.
If you are still experiencing issues with your connection, please try restarting your router.


We are required to extend this maintenance 30 minutes. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.

Maintenance Planned

Urgent maintenance work is being carried out on all core network elements to upgrade firmware, resolving an issue as advised through consultation with our network vendor.
Our networks team will be progressively working through each core network element, one-by-one performing this upgrade and ensuring service is restored before proceeding to the next element.
We anticipate no more than a 10 minute outage to each network element as we work through our devices.

15 Affected Services: